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  • incantesimo design Hemisphere

Table clock Hemisphere

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Modern table clock


Hemisphere by Incantesimo Design is a table clock with an innovative design that creates a new concept for reading time. The arrangement of the quadrants and the dynamic movement of the hemisphere make it possible to visualize the rotation of the twenty-four hours in the northern hemisphere in an instant. A unique and sophisticated table clock that resumes the shape of the armillary sphere that was invented by the Greeks as early as the 3rd century BC. as an instrument of observation of the celestial vault. The base is created in high density and purity transparent methacrylate, chromium-plated brass and lacquered MDF. The cut and engraving are carried out with high-tech, computerized devices. Possibility of manual inclination.


Dimensions: 34 x 44 cm - Height 59 cm

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